Polycast designs and manufactures hundreds of styles of indoor and outdoor epoxy cast electrical bushings across various voltage classes and current ratings for switchgear, transformer and power apparatus applications. We offer a large selection of standard designs as well as custom design, engineering and manufacturing service.

Click the links below to learn more about our bushing standards or to view a list of standard bushings that we manufacture by bushing type, or contact Polycast today to discuss your electrical bushing requirements:

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Standards and Ratings Summary PDF-icon
Provides summary data for all
Polycast bushings

HV Outdoor Bushing

Switchgear Bushings
Indoor & Outdoor – Various Styles
5kV (60kV BIL) through 46kV (250kV BIL)
1,200 A through to 10,000 A

Transformer Bushing

Transformer Bushings
Indoor & Outdoor – Various Styles
0.6kV (10kV BIL) through to 38kV (200kV BIL)
30 A through to 7,500 A