Medium Voltage CTs

Our epoxy cast medium voltage (MV) current transformers are available in a variety of styles, voltage classes (5 kV to 38 kV) and current ratios for indoor and outdoor metering, relaying and control applications on insulated or non-insulated bus or cable.

Standard designs are available for window, shielded (bushing combination), wound, and bar type CTs. Switchgear, wall or panel mounting and free-standing (pedestal) units are available. Custom designs and/or modified standard designs can be provided.

Click the links below to learn more about our MV current transformer designs, features, standards, and ratings or, contact Polycast today to discuss your current transformer requirements:

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PCW Series PDF-icon
Indoor – Shielded Window Type
8.7kV/75kV BIL through 28kV/150kV BIL


Phase Protection CT
15kV/95kV BIL


PCW25 Series PDF-icon
Indoor – Shielded Window Type, Side Terminals
25kV/125kV BIL


PCTP Series PDF-icon
Indoor – Shielded Bar Type
5KV/60kV BIL through 28kV/150kV BIL


POCTP Series PDF-icon
Outdoor – Bar Type
15kV/95kV BIL through 28kV/150kV BIL


POCW / POCWB Series PDF-icon
Outdoor – Window Type
0.6kV/10kV BIL through 28kV/170kV BIL