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Our History

Polycast’s founding story is one of humble beginnings. In 1972, Paul Magel Sr. - a visionary with a passion for innovation - began a small epoxy casting operation, determined to satisfy the unmet needs of an evolving market. As one of the first in the industry to use epoxies in North America, Paul was a pioneer in the development of exclusively designed transformer products. He could spot opportunities, instantly problem solve, and design a specialty product or assembly with the customer that exceeded the performance of the original, backed by a guarantee.

His ingenuity still inspires our team today as we have become a leading source of both custom and standard epoxy cast products. We recognize the importance of building relationships with our customers as this focus was the foundation to Polycast’s original success and remains so today.

Casting our eyes to the future, Polycast will continue to invest in the research and development of our processes, epoxy formulations, and products to achieve the highest levels of quality for our growing international customer base.