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Multi Stud/Lead Bushing

  • for indoor service
  • air to oil environment
  • up to 31 terminals
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Voltage (kV)
BIL (kV)
Current (Amps)
No. of Mounting Holes
Drawing Purchase
111-100A-51 - 0.6 10 5 4 Request Quote
111-100B-51 - 0.6 10 5 4 Request Quote
111-103A-51 - 0.6 10 5 3 Request Quote

General Description
- Voltage ratings up to 2.5kV
- Flammability rating, UL 94 V0, V1
- Designed and tested to meet applicable CSA, IEC, IEEE standards

The PIBMSL series bushings are designed for indoor service, for ambient temperatures between -5°C and +75°C. Applications include:
- For liquid filled transformers
- Dry type transformers

- Cast in high dielectric strength Bis-A epoxy
- Positive oil seal
- Stud and lead identification styles with letters or numbers available

Accessories: Clamps and Gaskets

- 1/8” or 1/4" thick nitrile gaskets are available upon request - Aluminum or stainless steel clamps are available upon request