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PIID Series

Standoff Insulator

  • for indoor service
  • up to 5kV/60kV BIL
  • single insert per face
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Voltage (kV)
BIL (kV)
Height (Inches)
Outside Diameter
Insert Top
Insert Bottom
Drawing Purchase
105-401-01 - 0.6 10 H=1.38 OD=1.63 C4 C4 Request Quote
105-403-01 - 4.8 60 H=3.00 OD=2.19 A1 A1 Request Quote
105-403-41 - 4.8 60 H=3.00 OD=2.19 C1 C1 Request Quote
105-412-41 2.4 45 H=2.00 OD=1.25 C1 C1 Request Quote
105-412-49 2.4 45 H=2.00 OD=1.25 E4 E4 Request Quote
105-412-60 2.4 45 H=2.00 OD=1.25 D4 D4 Request Quote

General Description
- Voltage ratings from 0.6kV to 5kV
- Impulse rating up to 60kV BIL
- Partial discharge free
- Flammability rating, UL 94 V0, V1
- Various mounting insert configurations available, see options tab for details.

The PIID series insulators are designed for indoor service, for ambient
temperatures between -25°C to +75°C. Applications include:
- supports for switchgear bus
- substation posts
- disconnects
- other special power applications

- Cast in high dielectric strength Bis-A Epoxy
- Zinc plated steel mounting inserts are standard, other materials available upon