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PCSN Series

Current Sensor

  • for indoor service
  • rated 720V/10kV BIL
  • up to 2000 amp primary
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Voltage (kV)
BIL (kV)
Drawing Purchase
189-001-01 - 0.6 10 600/400/150/100-5A 1 Request Quote
189-008-01 - 0.6 10 800/600/400-5A 1 Request Quote
189-011-01 - 0.6 10 1600/1200/1000-5A 1 Request Quote
189-013-01 - 0.6 10 3000/2500/2000-5A 1 Request Quote
189-014-01 - 0.6 10 4000-5A 1 Request Quote

General Description
- Voltage rating of 0.72kV
- Impulse rating of 10kV BIL
- Cast in high dielectric strength Bis-A Epoxy
- Suitable for higher voltage installation over bushing or insulated cable

The PCSN series current transformers are designed for indoor service, for ambient
temperatures between -5°C to +70°C. Applications include:
- Current sensing
- Static trip applications
- For use in air and oil environments

- Annealed toroidal cores of high grade electrical steel
- 200°C enamel coated copper magnet wire
- Secondary turns uniformly distributed around the core for each tap position
- Brass secondary terminals
- Prominent polarity markings

Voltage Class -0.72kV
Impulse (BIL) - 10kV
Frequency – 60Hz
Thermal Withstand – up to 80 x Rated Current (1 sec.)
Mechanical Withstand – up to 215 x Rated Current (6 cycles)
Continuous Current Rating Factor – up to 1.33 @ 30°C